What We Do


Branded Promotional Products

Creative and custom-made products featuring your logo. Ideal for marketing campaigns, giveaways, trade shows, events, gifts with purchase…and more. Blue Dragonfly works hard to identify inefficiencies, cost savings and high-impact products for your campaigns so you can focus on your marketing and brand priorities.

Imprinted Apparel

Blue Dragonfly proudly offers the best apparel decoration in the industry with 35+ unique decorating methods all under one roof. From the feel of the fabrics and finished interiors to special details for added function, people love wearing our clothing. Our apparel experts masterfully craft product options that will be ON BRAND, ON BUDGET, and ON TIME. In short, we make your team look great!

Custom Product Development

Is your marketing department imagining a high-impact campaign for a new product launch and in need of an outside-the-box premium? Perhaps your business needs a creative marketing idea to promote an upcoming event? Or are you looking for a unique approach to promote the differentiating features of an innovative product or service? We are experts in creating unique, completely customized products for your brand that will present your business in a wonderful way. Blue Dragonfly’s network of international manufacturing partners enables us to develop one-of-a-kind products for unique occasions that eloquently communicate your marketing goals and elevate your brand. When an off-the-shelf “stock” product just won’t do, call us.

Warehousing & Fulfillment: YOUR BRAND ON DEMAND

Custom printed products, stocked and ready! Order & manage all your promo merchandise online. No dealing with printers and boxes of products at the office. That’s our job now.

When it comes to event swag, getting a box of t-shirts for your office, or just having merchandise on hand, Blue Dragonfly has you covered. With our full-service fulfillment platform, each item is checked by hand, packed & shipped. Our online campaign management and order tracking saves you time and money…while we do the work.

Uniform & Workwear Programs

Access the most functional, fashionable and trend-setting apparel in the industry. We’ll help you select the best fit and form for your trade shows, uniform and corporate apparel programs. Delivering to multi-site locations is everyday business for us, and our online ordering system can easily manage it all for you.

Branded Giveaways

Want to reward your customers? Incentivize qualified leads? Say thanks to a follower? Collect customer info and send gifts? Launch a product? Our GIVEAWAYS campaign is your solution. Leave the fulfillment and shipping to us.

Company Web Stores

Specifically designed and developed for your business or organization, company web stores are a simple, hassle-free way for you to sell your promotional products online. Click Here To Find Out More.

Customer Rewards

Free swag for your customers builds loyalty & drives word-of-mouth referrals. A welcome gift to a high-end client rolls out the red carpet to make them feel extra special. Our team helps our clients achieve business results by designing & delivering programs that engage and motivate, are simple to use and manage, and make people feel special. Blue Dragonfly also lets you automate and track your rewards. Bottom line, we’ll come up with something memorable that will last longer than happy hour.

Drop Shipping

When it comes to event swag, getting a box of t-shirts for your office, or just having merchandise on hand, Blue Dragonfly has you covered. The worst thing about sending gifts to your customers is the drain on your time fulfilling and shipping them. We fix that problem with our full-service fulfillment platform. Each item is checked by hand, packed & shipped. With our online campaign management and order tracking, you save time and money while we do the work.


Custom Gift Cards

Custom gift cards for your business are a proven way to extend market share and drive sales, enticing current and new customers to sample your products or services.

Employee Gifts / Recognition / Awards

That stats are in: companies with happy employees outperform the competition by 20%. Happy employees are 18% more productive than unhappy employees. Happy salespeople produce 37% higher sales. Employee gifts from Blue Dragonfly are a perfect way for an employer to say: “I appreciate you.” Whether for a holiday, employee anniversary or “just because”…we can help you find the perfect gift to fit the occasion. After all, a company gift should be as spectacular as the company giving it. We’re here to make your selection process as quick and easy as possible. We’ll help you find employee gifts that your co-workers will actually use, see and talk about. You should give promotional gifts that will be worn/displayed proudly while showcasing your brand. Talk to us…we know what works!

Incentive Programs

Incentive programs reward employees for reaching work goals, achieving milestones, or simply exceeding employer expectations. Our programs have proven successful in motivating employees and also increasing productivity and performance. This is a great way to show employees that you value them while meeting and exceeding your company goals.

These programs can not only help you motivate employees…but drive sales and retain customers with branded items that reflect your company culture and are of value to your team.

Event Experience & Activation

Let our event experts help you with your event marketing program from start to finish. It begins with establishing your overall event marketing strategy: everything from understanding your brand and company’s target audience… to designing your display, formulating how to gather leads at the event, staffing your booth and much more.

Growing Leads

Do you wait for prospects to come to you before giving out promotional products? Why not reach out directly by sending swag directly to the companies and individuals you want to work with most.

These people may or may not have expressed interest in working with your company in the past, but the goal of this approach is simple: to get people to engage with you. Once they do, they become a lead. Later, a surprise gift keeps your leads engaged and moving through the funnel.

Event Merchandise

Planning a corporate event or company retreat?  We believe that the presentation is just as important as the gift itselfBlue Dragonfly sorts and rolls your event merchandise, delivering it anywhere in the world on the day you choose. Whether it’s for a run/walk, golf outing, gala, corporate sales meeting or conference, we can find you the perfect event giveaways that will leave your attendees saying “WOW!”

Overseas Sourcing

Our long-standing supplier partnerships span across the globe, helping you buy smarter…plus, we always make sure all of our partners adopt ethical and socially responsible manufacturing processes. There are thousands of custom products we can custom source and design made especially for you, making sure your brand stands out in a sea of competitors.

Trade Show Essentials

These events offer you a small window of time to make a big impression on attendees & trade show giveaways should make your brand stand out. We make finding the right items easy for you! Our services include:

  • Comprehensive convention printing including brochures, flyers, table tents/covers…and a whole lot more, helping you get attention and leave a big impression at your next event.
  • Pre and post show direct mail and campaigns to keep prospects thinking about you before and after they hit the show floor.
  • Booth graphics, displays, pop-ups, signs & banners to support your brand message.
  • Creative, high-impact booth giveaways. Companies using promotional items at trade shows see more booth traffic, better captivate attendees, and generate more leads than businesses who don’t invest in trade show giveaways or promotional items.

Let us help you drive attendance, appreciate guests…and generate a buzz for your brand.

Kits & Mailers

When it comes to kitting, we do it all for you. Customized conference welcome packets, new-hire starter kits, trade show giveaway bags, thank-you product bundles, executive gift sets… you name it! We can achieve any aesthetic you desire through exotic materials, enticing messaging, smart wrapping & intriguing package design. Our kitting group works in collaboration with our in-house art team to create spectacular kits that produce re-order after re-order.

Licensed Merchandise

Blue Dragonfly helps leading brands, celebrities, media properties, pro sports teams, manufacturers and retailers strengthen their relationships with consumers by creating one of a kind promotional products via the licensing model…and identifying the areas in which your brand will thrive.

Branded Retail Merchandise and Consumer Programs

Retailers utilizing targeted promotional products experience increased spending, more repeat business and a higher brand perception. Not only can we deliver the right promotional products, but we can also create unique ways to package that item with your retail product. Let us help you with:

  • New Store Openings
  • New Product Launches
  • Seasonal Campaigns
  • Sponsorship Activation
  • Gift-with-Purchase and Purchase-with-Purchase Programs
  • On-pack, In-pack and Redemption Offers
  • Self-Liquidating Programs
  • Licensed Partnership Activation
  • Redemption Offers

Product Launches

Introducing a new product in a creative way is the first step in selling that product successfully. Even the best product will do little good for your customers if they don’t know it exists. From easily branded items like t-shirts, magnets or notepads to fully custom items created just for you…we’ve got what you need to build a buzz for your new product.




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