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The alma mater. The mascot. The colors. The fight song. These are the time-tested tools that high schools, colleges and universities use to bring the student body together–the very spirit of what it means to belong to something great. But when these meaningful symbols are emblazoned onto high-quality promotional products, that’s when school spirit becomes virtually infectious. And here’s why.

Just like the business world, university promotional products do one thing better than any other–they build loyalty to a brand. In the academic environment, the school is that brand. By engraving school symbols, logos and themes onto products used by the students and faculty, everyone at your college can’t help but get caught up in the swirl of excitement. Promotional products keep the school squarely in the minds of the people that matter most.

So whether the goal is to increase turnout at the next athletic competition, increase participation in the next fundraiser, or increase the pride each student takes in his or her performance–promotional products do it best.

There are literally thousands of promotional products that can be personalized for college operations. The ones that hit a home run year after year are the products that students, faculty members and fans will actually use.

For the kids, think personalized backpacks, spirit items, coffee mugs, mouse pads, and personalized pens and personalized pencils. For the staff, lean towards laptop bags, jackets and desktop organizers. For the fans, it’s miniature athletic balls, pom-poms and that classic sponge finger that says “We’re #1!”

Again, the concept behind the promotion is to put personalized promotional gear in the hands of those groups at your college that will use them the most. And with such a wide selection to choose from, a quick brainstorming session will result in perfect matches for all involved.

In most cases, it’s the subgroups of the school, college or university that use promotional items the most–to mark the football team’s annual spring game, to clothe the members of the academic bowl team, or generate after-performance wear for the drama club. Each campaign has its own special needs, such as a witty saying or unique symbol.

Best practices in the promotional products strategy dictate finding a capable distributor and sticking with them. This will encourage a strong relationship from both sides–the distributor understands the school mission and the school is comfortable working with the distributor. Expectations on both ends are solid. Jumping from one distributor to another encourages order mistakes and miss communication.

Here are a few helpful tips as you plan your next school spirit campaign with promotional products:

  1. Create a Strategy. This means knowing some information you can supply right from the start, even if you don’t know what products you’d like to go with–order size, primary colors, potential slogans and symbols.
  2. Work with the Experts. Promotional products distributors help schools create high-impact campaigns on a daily basis. You should rely on their experience and advice when putting together your promotion.
  3. Get Feedback by Committee. Allowing one person to choose the product invites disaster. It’s always best to get several opinions from group members before final decisions are made and the personalizing work begins.
  4. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate. If there are last-minute changes, make sure your distributor knows about them. Examine proofs carefully for correctness. And do all of these things in a timely fashion to ensure that the order is right.

Promotional Products are Fun, They’re Affordable, and They Work!

The next time you see a student proudly wearing a quality sweatshirt with the school name in bold letters, you’ll know that money was well-spent. And the college will reap the benefits of bigger enrollment, of generous fundraising, but most of all–of the pride that these products instill in each and every person associated with your program.

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